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  • National workplace first aid kit - Low risk.
  • Designed in accordance with Safe Work Australia's First Aid Code of Practice (July 2019).
  • Various case options including Metal Cabinet, Plastic Tackle Box and Soft Pack.
  • Also available with a complete refill pack.
  • All cases include a carry handle.
  • Wall mountable cabinet.
1 Accident Report Notebook With Pencil 2 Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile, 10 X 10cm
50 Adhesive Strips Plastic, 72 X 19mm 3 Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile, 10 X 7.5cm
4 Alcohol Wipe Sachet 6 Non-Adherent Dressing Sterile, 5 X 5cm
1 Antiseptic Liquid/Sting Relief Spray Bottle, 50ml 1 Paper Tape Hypoallergenic White, 2.5cm X 5m
1 Bowl Galipot Clear, 60ml 1 Plastic Bag Resealable Large
1 Cold Pack Instant Large, 160g 1 Plastic Bag Resealable Medium
1 Combine Dressing Sterile, 20 X 20cm 1 Plastic Bag Resealable Small
3 Conforming Bandage White, 5cm 6 Povidone Iodine Swabs
3 Conforming Bandage White, 7.5cm 1 Resuscitation Face Shield Disposable With Non-Return Valve
100 Cotton Tips Double Ended, 7.5cm 12 Safety Pins, Assorted
1 CPR Flowchart Wallet Size 1 Scissors Stainless Steel, 12.5cm
1 Crepe Bandage Heavy Weight Brown, 10cm 1 Sharps Container Plastic Clear, 200 Ml
10 Disposable Gloves Large, (5 Pairs) 1 Splinter Forceps Stainless Steel, 12.5cm
1 Emergency First Aid Information Booklet Basic Dl Size 10 Splinter Probe Disposable, 5pcs/Sheet
4 Emergency Shock Blanket Silver, 160 X 210cm 2 Triangular Bandage Cotton Large White
4 Eye Pad Sterile 10 Wound Cleansing Wipe Non-Sting Sachet
8 Eye Wash Solution, 20ml Ampoule 25 Wound Closure Strips, 3 X 75mm, 5pcs/Sheet
25 Gauze Swab, 7.5 X 7.5cm, Pack Of 5 1 Wound Dressing No.13 Sterile
5 Hydrogel Burns Gel, 3.5g Sachet 1 Wound Dressing No.14 Sterile
1 Kidney Tray Plastic Clear, 500ml 1 Wound Dressing No.15 Sterile